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Certificated care solutions 4allfeet

4Allbrands is a platform for foot specialists where certified (semi-)orthopaedic footwear solutions are available without any restrictions for all models of every brand of footwear. In the 4Allbrands Library a very extensive assortment of models of footwear brands is registered for this purpose. If any model or brand is missing, this can be added to the Library.  

The 4Allbrands certified orthopaedic footwear solutions are extremely suitable for all use applications.

Orthopaedic footwear solutions

To prevent and avoid health complaints and other conditions, Neskrid has developed within 4Allbrands a assortment of certified orthopaedic footwear solutions for the entire 4Allbrands Library of registered models of brands of footwear. This assortment of 4Allbrands certified orthopaedic footwear solutions includes:

Online ordering system (NOCS)

The 4Allbrands Library with registered models of different brands is within the Neskrid Online Customer System (NOCS) accessible for every foot specialist. In addition, within NOCS footwear specialists can request registrations for models of (new) brands that are still missing in the Library. Neskrid will then certify the requested model and add it to the 4Allbrands Library.

Laws and regulations

Neskrid 4Allbrands orthopaedic footwear solutions are certified and CE marked in accordance with the current regular laws and regulations for orthopaedic footwear solutions.