Individual orthopaedic adjustments

4Allbrands certified individual orthopaedic adjustments to footwear are made based on technical specifications provided by the foot specialist. In order to do this, the foot specialist makes a medical analysis of the feet. This analysis is then developed into individual orthopaedic adjustments to the user's favorite (professional) footwear. 

Our capabilities

4Allbrands offers several options in the area of certified individual orthopaedic fittings of different brands of footwear:

- Heel elevation
- Sole elevation

- Sole stiffening
- Pronation / supination

- Unwinding

The brands

4Allbrands has a wide assortment of registered models available on which individual orthopaedic footwear modifications are technically possible. You can check in NOCS whether the user's favorite model is already available in our brand Library.

Law and Regulations

4Allbrands individual orthopaedic footwear modifications are certified in accordance with current laws and regulations for individual orthopaedic footwear modifications.