Individual orthopaedic insoles

4Allbrands certified individual orthopaedic insoles, also called orthotics and podiatric insoles, are made from copies of individual feet made by foot specialists of the feet.

4Allbrands offers foot specialists the following options for certified individual orthopaedic insoles:



Neskrid manufactured and finished individual orthopaedic insoles including modification protocol.



Neskrid manufactured individual orthopaedic insoles with loose cover material including modification protocol.



Cover material including
modification protocol.

Medical device

4Allbrands certified individual orthopaedic insoles are individually CE marked as medical devices. Foot specialists can and may always make (medically) necessary corrections to the delivered 4Allbrands certified individual orthopaedic insoles according to Neskrid protocols. With this, the foot specialist guarantees the optimal individual orthopaedic solution for the health of the customer.

4Allbrands individual orthopaedic insoles are certified in accordance with the current laws and regulations for individual orthopaedic insoles. 


Foot specialists have the following options for providing foot medical data:

  • Foam trays / blueprints
  • Digital files with scans of feet
  • Digital files with modeled insoles

Neskrid has the technical capabilities to process the most common file formats from vendors such as Paromed, Footmill, Voxelcare, LFT, Lutracad.

The foot specialist has the choice to have the individual orthopaedic insoles milled or 3D printed by Neskrid.

Modification Protocol

4Allbrands allows foot specialists to modify or finish the individual orthopaedic insoles themselves. Neskrid has received confirmation that the safety of the wearer will not be affected when the foot specialist modifies or finishes the individual orthopaedic insoles according to the Neskrid modification protocol. This modification protocol is sent with every order and can be requested through NOCS. In order to maintain certification, it is critical that the foot specialist adhere to this modification protocol.